Minds on Physics Internet Modules

Tired of Shockwave?
The Minds On Physics Internet Modules use the Shockwave plug-in. Support for Shockwave by most modern browsers is diminishing. But fear not! The Minds On Physics program has now been completely converted to a mobile app that works on iOS and Android phones and tablets and on Chromebooks. The most promising means of doing MOPs at this time may be through the use of the mobile app on an iOS device, an Android device, or a Chromebook. We are currently working on a version 2.0 update for these apps. Once complete, we will make an effort to create app versions for Macintosh computers and (later) Windows computers. Visit the Minds On Physics the App section of our website for more information.
Teacher Accounts for 2016-17
As we transition our Minds On Physics program from a browser-based, Shockwave-reliant application to an app-based program, we are considering a variety of options that allow teachers to validate student progress. Those teachers who purchased a 2015-16 Teacher account will continue to have access to the Shockwave-based module through the 2016-17 school year. This will allow those teachers who purchased accounts to continue their code checking  at no additional charge, provided that the Shockwave-based module works on their devices. We are working on other options for checking student success codes that are not reliant upon the Shockwave plug-in and that work on all devices. We will provide information regarding those options once they are available.  The Minds On Physics the App section of our website has additional information about the app-based version of Minds On Physics.

Don't have an account? You can now sign up for an account for the 2016-17 school year. Visit our Teacher Registration page to get started.