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The Curriculum Corner consists of a collection of downloadable PDF files designed to complement the resources at The Physics Classroom. The PDF files come in two basic forms - as an entire packet (collection of pages) or as individual pages. PDF files are available for every unit covered at The Physics Classroom Tutorial. The files serve as classroom-ready handouts to be used by teachers with their classes. To view the files, a current version of Adobe Reader is required. The Adobe Reader plug-in is available free of charge at the Adobe website.

Uses of the Curriculum Corner

The pages at The Curriculum Corner are designed to support students as they progress through topics at The Physics Classroom Tutorial. Each page in a given unit is linked to a page (or two or ...) at the Tutorial. The URL of the corresponding Tutorial page is listed at the top of the packet page. Similarly, the pages within the packet are designed to prepare students for the successful completion of sublevels of the Minds On Physics Internet Modules. The sublevel and module which corresponds to any given packet page is listed at the top of each page.

Pages at The Curriculum Corner can be printed and distributed to classes and assigned as homework. Students can use the listed URLs of The Physics Classroom Tutorial to support them in the completion of the homework. Some teachers may prefer to simply assign the readings from the Tutorials as homework and then use the packet pages during class as cooperative group activities or during guided practice sessions. However they are used, the pages at The Curriculum Corner are designed to lead students through an understanding of basic principles in a developmental manner. Questions on a given page tend to build upon previous questions so that a conceptual understanding of the topic is gradually developed.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Uses:

Permission to print and copy the PDF files is granted to teachers, provided that the copyright statement (found at the bottom of the page) is included on the copies. Inclusion of a handout or handouts within a teacher's existing curriculum is also granted provided that either the copyright statement (found at the bottom of the page) is included OR that the website is somewhere referenced as a source from somewhere within the curriculum. Inclusion of graphics or text in teacher PowerPoint files is permitted provided that they are used by that teacher and not for wider distribution. Forbidden uses of the graphics and text on these pages include: placement upon a teacher web page or course management system or any server that is accessible by the general public, inclusion upon a CD-ROM for distribution or sale, and any for-profit use of the materials.

It's Here - The Solutions Guide CD is Now Available

For nearly two decades, The Physics Classroom has been supporting students, teachers and classrooms in the vital tasks of learning and teaching physics. And now, with the newly released CD-ROM titled The Solutions Guide, those tasks have become a little bit easier. The Solutions Guide contain answer keys to each of the worksheets of the Curriculum Corner section of The Physics Classroom website. Answer keys contain answers to all multiple choice questions, full explanations to all short answer questions, elaborately completed details for diagramming questions, and worked-out solutions to all word problems.

The Solutions Guide is a perfect solution for those teachers who wish to use The Physics Classroom's curriculum in their classrooms. The Solutions Guide allows teachers to use The Curriculum Corner with both comfort and confidence. It is also the perfect solution for home-schoolers who use The Physics Classroom Tutorial and accompanying resources at our site as their textbook. All questions are answered in great detail, transforming The Curriculum Corner into an exceptional independent learning tool. The ~200 page guide is available as a collection of PDF files organized on a CD.

As an added bonus to teachers, The Solutions Guide CD also contains Microsoft Word formatted files of both the worksheets and the answer keys. This allows teachers to easily customize the tool for use in their own classrooms. Questions, graphics, answers, explanations and answers can be re-purposed and used on quizzes, tests, PowerPoint slides and more. The license permits teachers to use the material with their own classrooms in print or digital form and at any classroom website that is password protected for entry by their own students.

The cost of the CD is $25 (US). This includes shipping costs to anywhere in the United States. Shipments to other locations may result in further charges to cover additional shipping, customs charges, and currency conversions. Payments can now be made online using most major credit cards or a PayPal account. The payments are being collected using PayPal's secure payment system. To get started, select your shipping location and click on the Buy Now button to complete the payment process at PayPal. Once paid for at PayPal, all sales are final and refunds are not granted.

Your order will be quickly processed and the CD will be in the mail by the next business day.

Individuals, schools and other institutions that prefer a different payment method can contact The Physics Classroom. Purchase orders are accepted via email. Individuals that wish to pay by check can also email The Physics Classroom for ordering instructions. To expedite the payment process, enter Solutions Guide CD into the Subject line of your email.

[email protected]

The Solutions Guide is one more example of how The Physics Classroom strives to support students, teachers and classrooms.

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