Graph That Motion

The Graph That Motion Concept Builder is comprised of 11 animations that must be matched to a corresponding position-time or velocity-time graph. The 11 animations include six relatively simple motions in which the car moves in the same manner during the entire motion. In addition to these simple, single-stage motions, there are five animations that include more complicated, multi-stage motions. The multi-stage motions might include an object moving rightward, then at rest for a while, and then moving leftward; or they may include a slowing down motion, an at-rest motion, followed by a speeding up motion. Whatever the case, the multi-stage motions represent a car moving in different ways during the entire length of the animation.

There are three levels of difficulty by which the student can progress through the Concept Builder. Those three difficulty levels are differentiated as follows:
  • Apprentice Level: Animations 1-6 (the most simplest, single-stage motions)
  • Masters Level: Situations 7-11 (the more complicated, multi-stage motions)
  • Wizard Level: Situations 1-11 (all 11 animations from the previous two difficulty levels)

Situations certainly beome more complicated as the level increases. There is nothing to prevent a class or a student from doing all three levels. In fact, it might make sense to do the simplest animations, followed by the more complicated animations, and then all animations mixed together. Or a more introductory Physics class or Physical Science class may choose to only do the Apprentice Level while an Honors Physics class may choose to do the Wizard Level only.

The 11 different kinematic graphs are shown below. Each graph is matched to only one animation.


Graph A Graph B


Graph C Graph D


Graph E Graph F


Graph G Graph H


Graph I Graph J


Graph K  


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