The Curriculum Corner

Welcome to the Curriculum Corner!

The Curriculum Corner consists of a collection of downloadable PDF files designed to complement the resources at The Physics Classroom. The PDF files come in two basic forms - as an entire packet (collection of pages) or as individual pages. PDF files are available for every unit covered at The Physics Classroom Tutorial. The files serve as classroom-ready handouts to be used by teachers with their classes. To view the files, a current version of Adobe Reader is required. The Adobe Reader plug-in is available free of charge at the Adobe website.

Uses of the Curriculum Corner

The pages at The Curriculum Corner are designed to support students as they progress through topics at The Physics Classroom Tutorial. Each page in a given unit is linked to a page (or two or ...) at the Tutorial. The URL of the corresponding Tutorial page is listed at the top of the packet page. Similarly, the pages within the packet are designed to prepare students for the successful completion of assignments of the Minds On Physics Internet Modules. The sublevel and module which corresponds to any given packet page is listed at the top of each page.

Pages at The Curriculum Corner can be printed and distributed to classes and assigned as homework. (Please view Usage Policy.) Students can use the listed URLs of The Physics Classroom Tutorial to support them in the completion of the homework. Some teachers may prefer to simply assign the readings from the Tutorials as homework and then use the packet pages during class as cooperative group activities or during guided practice sessions. However they are used, the pages at The Curriculum Corner are designed to lead students through an understanding of basic principles in a developmental manner. Questions on a given page tend to build upon previous questions so that a conceptual understanding of the topic is gradually developed.


Worksheets are available for the Following Topics:

Our Solutions Guide product is also available for teachers who would like to have PDF files with answers to all the questions on all the worksheets. This Solutions Guide product is available as a mail-able CD and as a DIgital Download.  Learn more.