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With a Task Tracker subscription, website resources like Concept Builders, Minds On Physics missions, Calculator Pad problem sets, and Physics Interactives (simulations), and the Science Reasoning Center are transformed into a perfect tool for online learning, daily homework, and more traditional face-to-face classroom set-ups. Teachers can create classes, assign and customize tasks from our website, track students' progress, and view scores for the various assigned tasks.  

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We are now offering ad-free subscriptions for schools and individuals. Schools can purchase ad-free subscription for their students that last from August 1 of this school year until July 31. The cost is $2/student. Individuals can purchase 1-year, ad-free subscriptions for $3/person.

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The Solutions Guide Download

You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for a good curriculum. We give ours away for free. See our Curriculum Corner. We sell an extended license, source files, and answer keys for an additional $25. Our Solutions Guide download contains the extra content that assists teachers who are taking advantage of the Curriculum Corner.

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Teacher Presentation Pack Download

Our newest download offering - the Teacher Presentation Pack - provides teachers with 3.5 GB of ready-to-use yet fully-customizeable resources for managing your presentations and assisting your students with learning key Physics concepts. Inspired by our Physics Video Tutorial section, this loaded package of resources features PowerPoint slide decks, Lesson Notes, animations and movies, and images. For $40, your job will become much easier. 

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Question Bank Download

Making good quizzes and tests is difficult to do. But the task just got easier with our Question Bank download. It includes more than 9000 questions organized by topic into Microsoft Word files. Take a few minutes to Copy and Paste and you have yourself this week's Quiz.

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