Privacy Statement

Our Minds On Physics apps request that users create a user profile when they open the app for the first time. The app requests that the user enter certain identifiable information such as a name, an arbritarily-decided ID number, a school name, a teacher name, a student email, and a teacher email. None of this data is ever collected by The Physics Classroom or any other entity. The information is stored on the device and used by the device in order to create encrypted validation codes (known as success codes) that can be used to validate that certain activities have been completed by the student. The student has the option to email these encrypted success codes to themselves or to the teacher whose email address is saved on the device. The teacher can then use a decryption program to validate that the person who submitted the success code did indeed complete the assigned activity.

The encrypted success code utilizes a complex algorithm that makes use of the students' ID number in order to produce the success code. The ID number can be any 4-6 digit ID number that the student (or the teacher) arbritarily decides to use. The number does not need to be identifying in any manner. For instance, it does not need to be a phone number, a birthdate, a street address, nor even a school-assigned ID number. It simply needs to be a number that is unique to that student and known only be the teacher. The decryption of the success code simply insures that the person with that specific ID number completed that specific assignment.

This practice ensures that any information about the user of a Minds On Physics app is stored only in the app. If the information is gathered by the app and emailed, it will only be emailed to the person whose email is listed. The Physics Classroom has no need for such information and does not make any effort to collect it or store it on our servers. In this way, the Minds On Physics apps protect the privacy of its users.

If at any time in the future we make any deviation from the above practice, we will immediately update our policy statement and publish it on this page. If any teacher or school requires additional information regarding our practices, we can be contacted at ...

This Privacy Statement was last updated on 11/4/2017.


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