Pace Tracer - ArUco Markers

The PDF file below can be downloaded and printed in part or in whole. The file contains the ArUco markers which the app uses as a target in order to determine the position of the person as he/she moves forward and backward. 

The first page of the file contains a universal marker that can be used for all 15 graphs. Print this page at 100%. Then tape it to a wall and point your phone or tablet at the marker and walk. The interactive will track your position as you walk. Your goal is to select a graph from among the 15 options and to walk in a manner as to match the graph. Try to match as many graphs as you can. Earn as many trophies as you can. Learn as much as you can.

The remaining pages can be used if the Interactive is being used as a Stations Lab with the provided activity sheet. Print all pages and position them on the wall at locations around the classroom or the school. Each marker will correspond to a different graph. Students would have to visit all 14 markers to match all 14 graphs. The Random Challenge works with any of the markers. Provide students opportunity to move from station to station in an effort to match each graph.

Are you using this Interactive with a computer? Is space limited or movement not possible? Then print our quarter-sized marker and let your arms do the moving. View Quarter-Sized Marker.



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