Balance It!

In the Balance It! Interactive, learners given one or more force vectors acting upon an object. The magnitude and direction of the force(s) are shown and it is represented by a vector arrow on a background grid. Users must analyze the force(s) and add one north-south force and one east-west force in order to establish an equilibrium or balance of forces. There are 20 different levels to progress through. The levels become increasingly more sophisticated with an increasing number of forces which have increasingly more difficult angles. As a level is completed, a Star is displayed next to the level. Since the Star denotes completion of a level, the Interactive makes for a great in-class activity.

Launch Interactive

Users are encouraged to open the Interactive and begin. There is no need for an activity sheet for this Interactive. As progress is made, a Star will be displayed for each completed level on the Main Menu.

Now available with Task Tracker compatibility. Learn more.

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