Reflection and Mirrors - Mission RM4 Detailed Help

Which of the following are TRUE of diffuse reflection? Include all that apply.

Diffuse Reflection:
Diffuse reflection occurs when a beam of light (a collection of several individual light rays) reflects off a rough surface. Each individual light ray within the beam approaches the surface parallel to each other. Upon reflection, the individual light rays within the original beam scatter (or diffuse) in different directions.

Look directly into a mirror - what do you see? Yes. When you look in a mirror, you see an image of yourself - a clear and focused image. A mirror is a smooth surface which causes mostly regular or specular reflection and the formation of clear images. Now look in a sheet of white paper - what do you see? Yes. When you look at a sheet of white paper, you see a sheet of white paper. (Those were tough questions.) A sheet of paper is a microscopically rough surface which leads to diffuse reflection and the lack of image formation.

Because diffuse reflection happens distinctly differently than regular or specular reflection, many students falsely believe that it demonstrates two different rules of reflection. To them, regular reflection follows the law of reflection and diffuse reflection follows some other law. But don't be fooled! In both cases, the law of reflection is followed.


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