The Physics Classroom Science Reasoning Center

Now Live - Science Reasoning Center, Version 2

Version 2 of our Science Reasoning Center is now available. Version 1 consisted of a collection of PDFs. But Version 2 is interactive, offers immediate feedback to students' answers, offers multiple opportunities for correction, and is Task Tracker compatible. Furthermore, the new version includes a large collection of NGSS-inspired activities that lie at the intersection of a Disciplinary Core Idea, a Science and Engineering Practice, and a Cross-Cutting Concept. 

It's all FREE. But for those classrooms who would like to track and save student progress and customize the activities, low-cost Task Tracker subscriptions can be purchased at our Store. Learn more about Task Tracker.

The Science Reasoning Center consists of a collection of interactive experiences for cultivating and assessing students' ability to reason scientifically. Information is presented and the student must evaluate, interpret, and synthesize it in order to accurately respond to questions and other tasks presented in the interactive.

Several of our activities are remakes of Version 1 of the Science Reasoning Center. As such, they engage students in tasks that fall into the broad categories of interpreting data, analyzing experiments, and evaluating models and theories. Other activities that are unique to Version 2 are NGSS-aligned. They engage students in tasks that require the application of a science and engineering practice, an understanding of a science concept that cuts across all disciplines of science, and some understanding of a core physics (and chemistry) idea. 



As of this writing (March 6, 2024), we have a total of 67 Science Reasoning Center activities. We have completed the conversion of our Legacy version to the interactive and Task-Tracker compatible Version 2 format. We plan on building more for the topic of Chemistry during the Spring and Summer of 2024. You can always get the latest news on development at our What's New at TPC? page

NGSS Alignments || Using the SRC with Task Tracker


1-D Kinematics

Newton's Laws


Momentum and Collisions

Work and Energy

Circular and Planetary Motion



Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Thermal Physics




Reflection and Mirrors

Refraction and Lenses

Chemistry (Yes! You read that right.)