So exactly why does the yellow shirt of that actor change red when the stage lights change color? And how could one use rules of color subtraction to predict the color an object would observed when illuminating with a specific color of light? And perhaps even more practical, how can one decide what color spotlight should be used to make an object appear a desired color? That's enough questions. It's time to get some answers so launch the interactive and start learning.

Launch Interactive

Users are encouraged to open the Interactive and explore. For a more directed experience, you could use our Exercise titled Hit the Lights. The Exercise is designed as a classroom-ready exercise to be used with students. We would like to extend a special thanks to Judy Kolb Rieke of Ursuline Academy in St. Louis, Missouri who was the inspiration behind the activity. Thanks for sharing Judy! If you're a teacher and you have an idea for an exercise to go with one of our Interactives, then why not do what Judy did. Please share your ideas with us on social media. 
Our Stage Lighting simulation is now available with a Concept Checker. Do the simulation. Then follow it up with the Concept Checker.

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