The Hit the Target Interactive is an adjustable-size file that displays nicely on smart phones, on tablets such as the iPad, on Chromebooks, and on laptops and desktops. The size of the Interactive can be scaled to fit the device that it is displayed on. The compatibility with smart phones, iPads, other tablets, and Chromebooks makes it a perfect tool for use in a 1:1 classroom.


Teaching Ideas and Suggestions:

This Interactive was created for our collection in late December of 2020. A few years earlier we had added two similar Interactives that had more of a storyline associated with them - Turd the Target and Turd the Target 2. The storyline centered around a flock of angry birds whose mission was to soil the football field with ... well ... bird turds. The principal had commissioned her Physics students to protect the turf and adjoining stadium from the ensuing mess using their knowledge of the Physics of projectile motion. While our goal was to add a little excitement to projectile problem-solving by doing a deviation from the Angry Birds theme, it seems that we only proved that we were better at Physics than we were at comedy. While many teachers and classrooms loved it (and still love it), we've heard from many more who wouldn't dare use it because of the ... well ... turds. And so this Interactive was born. There's no storyline. No turds. No drama. No possible embarassment in sight. Just good, old-fashion hit-the-target practice without any chance of a filthy mess. 

The interactive is restricted to horizontally-launched projectiles. There are four activities. In the first three activities, students solve two similar problems of the following types:
  • Activity 1: Given launch height and vox, solve for the horizontal displacement. 
  • Activity 2: Given horizontal displacement and vox, solve for the launch height. 
  • Activity 3: Given horizontal displacement and launch height, solve for the vox
The fourth activity involves mixed practice, providing one of each type of problem. 

All numbers are randomly generated. Students enter their answer and tap on a Fire Cannon button. If solved correctly, the launched projectile will hit the target. If not solved correctly, then the projectile will miss the target and a screen outlining the problem-solving approach is displayed. Once the first problem is solved, a second problem is presented. Two successes returns the student to the Main Menu where he/she can procede to the next activity. Student progress is kept track of using a system of stars and trophies. Student answers are considered correct if they fall within 2% of the correct answer. Thus, students should avoid excessive rounding and use three significant digits in their answers. 

This interactive is now available with Task Tracker compatibility. Teachers with Task Tracker subscriptions can assign this to their students. Specific questions from the nine questions can be removed from their students' experiences. Students' progress will be tracked and stored. Scoring rules can be set up for automatic assigning of scores. And students results will be automatically saved; they can leave the page and return and begin where they left off. Guest users will have the same experience that they have always had.  Learn more.


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