Refraction and Lenses - Mission RL3 Detailed Help

Materials with a higher (or a lower) index of refraction will be ____ optically dense; light will move ____ through these materials.

Optical Density and the Speed of Light:
The speed at which light travels through a medium is dependent upon the optical density of that medium. Light travels fastest in media that are least optically dense.

Optical Density and the Index of Refraction:
Every material is identified by a unique index of refraction value. The index of refraction value is an experimentally determined value that provides a relative measure of the optical density of that material. The higher the index of refraction value, the more optically dense a material is.

In this question, you have to relate two ideas. The ideas are expressed in the two Know the Law sections. Some careful reading and some logical thinking will have you on your next question in no time.


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