Concave Mirror Images

The Concave Mirror Image Formation Interactive provides learners with a virtual light box for exploring the reflection of light off concave mirrors and the manner in which such reflection leads to the formation of an image of a complex object. Learners tap on various points upon an object. A ray diagram is quickly constructed and the location of the image of that point is marked by a pixel on the screen. The process can be repeated for a variety of points or the learner can select to have the simulation draw all the rays in automated fashion.

Launch Interactive

Users are encouraged to open the Interactive and explore. There is no need for an activity sheet or a set of directions. But for those teachers who would like to have a more directed experience, we have created an exercise that can be used in the classroom. View Exercise.

Instructors may also be interested in viewing the accompanying Notes page. Technical information, teaching suggestions, related resources that complement this Interactive, and ideas for incorporating the lesson into a unit on Mirrors are provided on the Notes page. View Notes.