Static Electricity

Coulomb's Law
We are all familiar with static electricity effects. We've observed the force that holds two pieces of laundry together when pulled out of the dryer. But not too many people know that the strength of that force follows a relatively predictable scientific law known as Coulomb's law. In this Interactive, learners will explore Coulomb's law of electrostatic force. 

Electric Field Lines
A source of charge creates an electric field that permeates the space that surrounds. The use of lines of force or electric field lines ae often used to visually depict this electric field. This Interactive allows learners to simply drag charges - either positive or negative - and observe the electric field lines formed by the configuration of charges.

Put the Charge in the Goal
It won't take a whole lot of time with this Interactive before you realize that Physics is Phun.  With its true game-like style, learners use the concept of electric fields to guide a puck around obstacles to a goal. The Physics Classroom offers Nerd Island Studios a special thanks for allowing the Put the Charge in the Goal Interactive to be part of our collection.