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You've entered the Construction Zone. The Teacher Toolkits section of our website is a work in progress. Normally, we don't "open" a section of our website until it is complete. But we're so excited about this section that we thought we'd open it up to the public well in advance of its completion. We figured you'd be more able to pardon all the pixel dust if you had a chance to taste what is to come. Besides, it is kind of fun to watch a website grow and its encouraging to know that it's still growing. You can stay current on developments of this section of the site by following us on Twitter, on Facebook, or on Google+.

The beginnings of the Teacher Toolkits section is provided below. Each link leads to a Toolkit that provide teachers with a convenient tool that references a set of resources that serve a wide range of purposes. Toolkits are perfect for planning standards-based lessons and units that combine The Physics Classroom resources with other high-quality physics resources on the web. Please take one of these Tookits out for a test drive and let us know how it handles. And if you want to learn more about this section of The Physics Classroom website, then visit the About the Toolkits page. Enjoy!



Position-Time Graphs

Velocity-Time Graphs

Free Fall and the Acceleration of Gravity

Newton's First Law of Motion

Newton's Second Law of Motion

Skydiving and Terminal Velocity

Newton's Third Law of Motion


Projectile Motion

Forces in Two Dimensions

Impulse and Momentum Change

Momentum Conservation

Work, Energy, and Power (Coming Soon)

Work-Energy Relationship (Coming Soon)

Circular Motion

Amusement Park Physics (Coming Soon)


Electric Circuits

Series Circuits

Parallel Circuits


Waves, Sound and Light

Describing Waves


Refraction and Lenses

Image Formation by Lenses



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