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Objective: To understand that polarization involves a separation of charge and to explain which way electrons move and how charge distributes itself during a polarization process. If you miss a question, then you will eventually be given a very similar question. You can use the Help button at any time. 
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Separation of Charge 4 Questions Predict how charge on a conductor distributes itself when polarized by a nearby charged object.
Pick from among the three activities - Separation of Charge; Particle Flow; and Induction
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Particle Flow 8 Questions Determine how charge polarizes on an object and explain it in terms of particle movement.
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Induction 7 Questions Describe the result of charging by induction and explain the result in terms of charge movement.
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NOTE: The + and - signs show how charge separates into opposites; it represents the location of excess + or - charge. The arrows show from where and to where electrons and/or protons moved to cause such a separation.
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Charge Distribution
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Particle Movement
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Particle Flow
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Tap buttons to toggle through options for how the blocks polarize and to identify the particle movement that causes such polarization.
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Separation of Charge
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