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For nearly two decades, The Physics Classroom has been supporting students, teachers and classrooms in the vital tasks of learning and teaching physics. And with our CD-ROM titled The Solutions Guide, those tasks have become a little bit easier. The Solutions Guide contain answer keys to each of the worksheets of the Curriculum Corner section of The Physics Classroom website. Answer keys contain answers to all multiple choice questions, full explanations to all short answer questions, elaborately completed details for diagramming questions, and worked-out solutions to all word problems. As an added bonus to teachers, The Solutions Guide CD also contains Microsoft Word formatted files of both the worksheets and the answer keys.

The Solutions Guide is a perfect solution for those teachers who wish to use The Physics Classroom's curriculum with their classes. The Solutions Guide allows teachers to use The Curriculum Corner with both comfort and confidence. It is also the perfect solution for home-schoolers who use The Physics Classroom Tutorial and accompanying resources at our site as their textbook. All questions are answered in great detail, transforming The Curriculum Corner into an exceptional independent learning tool. The ~200 page guide is available as a collection of PDF files organized on a CD.


Purchasing the CD

The cost of the CD is $25 (US). This includes shipping costs to anywhere in the United States. Shipments to locations outside the United States require an extra $5 to cover additional shipping and handling fees. Payments can be made online using most major credit cards or a PayPal account. The payments are being collected using PayPal's secure payment system. To get started, select your shipping location from the pull-down menu and click on the Buy Now button to complete the payment process at PayPal. Please double-check your address; we always like to send the CD to the person who ordered it. Once paid for at PayPal, all sales are final and refunds are not granted.

Before You Click:  
Before purchasing the CD, please take the time to read the Acceptable and Unacceptable Uses policy at the bottom of this page.

Your order will be quickly processed and the CD will be in the mail by the next business day.

NOTE: We have had some recent reports about the functionality of the above button. We've witnessed it not working as well. And we've also witnessed that a second and a third click on the Buy Now button results in success. So follow the proverbial phrase: if first you don't succeed, try, try again. After all, it isn't skydiving. And if you are still having difficulties with the button, then please use the email address below to let us know. Thanks heaps.

Individuals, schools and other institutions that prefer a different payment method can contact The Physics Classroom. Purchase orders are accepted via email. Individuals that wish to pay by check can also email The Physics Classroom for ordering instructions. To expedite the payment process, enter Solutions Guide CD into the Subject line of your email.

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The Acceptable and Unacceptable Uses

(The following licensing rights apply to those who have purchased the Solutions Guide CD. A separate listing of Acceptable and Unacceptable Uses for users of the Curriculum Corner is provided elsewhere.)

The inclusion of Microsoft Word files on the CD provides teachers with the ability to easily customize and re-purpose the contents. The Physics Classroom licenses teachers the rights to do so in order to create quizzes, tests, PowerPoint slides and more. The CD license permits teachers to use the material with their own classrooms in print or digital form. However, the license prohibits the placement of the CD contents and files (PDFs, images, Word files) or its derivatives upon websites that are publicly accessible to others who are not from that school. If placing any of the content upon the internet, we require that access to such content be password-protected and accessible only to students from the teacher's school.

Many teachers across the country use pages from the Curriculum Corner as homework assignments. They do not wish their students to be able to access the solutions to such homework via a Google search or other web search. When solutions are placed upon the web, the value of the Curriculum Corner is being destroyed for such teachers. It is not only an illegal infringement upon the copyrights of The Physics Classroom, it is an infringement upon the desire of teachers to use The Physics Classroom resources. Please avoid placing answers and solutions on the web where others have access to them. Thanks for complying.


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