Minds on Physics Internet Modules

Attention Chrome users: On April 14, Google released a new version of Chrome which by default disabled all NPAPI plug-ins; these include Shockwave, Java, Adobe Reader, and more. To enable Shockwave, enter chrome://flags/ into your address/URL field and press the Enter key. Then scroll down until you find the Enable NPAPI option. Enable this option and restart your browser. Once it starts back up, the MOPs should work.  

For Safari (and other 64-bit browser) users on Mac OS X 10.6, you will have to run your browser in 32-bit mode to use the Minds on Physics modules. Please reference Adobe's official site @ http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/512/cpsid_51273.html for the solution.
We are now accepting applications for Teacher Accounts for the 2015-2016 school year.  Information about Teacher Accounts and Payment Information can be found on our Teacher Use page. As an added bonus for first-time users, registering now will provide access to the teacher side of MOP from the time of registration until July 31, 2016.