Getting Acquainted and Getting Started Video

Teachers: Observe how to use Option #2 to quickly check the validity of student success codes for the Minds On Physics Internet Modules.

The above Screencast describes Option #2 for checking students' success codes. There are other options that allow a teacher to check success codes that require less set up time. If interested, view the video demonstrations of Option #1.

The ability to log in and quickly check students' success codes is reserved for those teachers who have purchased a teacher account. Information about acquiring a teacher account is available at the Teacher Registration page.

More About Success Codes

When a student completes a Minds On Physics assignment, a success code is displayed on the page. Students are instructed to record the success code. To receive credit for the assignment, the student must hand in the success code to the instructor. This is most easily done using the convenient record-keeping forms provided at the Record-Keeping page on the MOP site. To verify that the student did the assignment, the instructor should check the success code.

Checking a success code involves comparing what the student has handed in to what is reported here on this page for the same student. If there is a match, then the student completed the assignment. Success codes are generated using complex mathematical algorithms. The algorithms are designed to produce a unique code that is specific to the student ID number, the teacher code and the actual assignment. So if there is no match between what the student has handed in and the code published for teachers by MOP, you can be certain that the student did not complete the assignment using the assigned ID number and teacher code.

Checking success codes is important. If you fail to check success codes, students will quickly learn that the success codes are not checked and will gradually begin to hand in invalid codes for credit. It is usually easiest to check a unit's worth of success codes at a time. It takes about 15 minutes to check the success codes for a unit of work for a single class. That translates to a unit of challenging and learning-centered homework with a high level of accountability and a low level of cheating, all graded in about 15 minutes.