Science Reasoning Center - Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Here is our current listing of Science Reasoning activities for Magnetism and Electromagnetism. All activities can be used as a Guest without Task Tracker or as a logged-in student with Task Tracker. Learn more about Task Tracker for Science Reasoning activities.

Electromagnetism - Part 1

This NGSS-inspired task explores the magnetic affects produced by current flowing through a wire. The activity begins with the analysis of a couple of experiments and progresses towards the use of the concept to predict the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field at various distances from a current-carrying wire.


Electromagnetism - Part 2

This NGSS-inspired task explores the affects of a moving magnet upon current in a loop of wire. The task consists of six activities which center around experimental data that pertain to the variables that affect the amount of current induced in a loop of wire.


Energy Stored in Fields

This NGSS-inspired task engages students in an analysis of two situations involving the storage of energy in electric and magnetic fields. The first situation involves an electric charge suspended from a string and moving within the electric field created by a large positive charge. The second situation involves two magnetic carts moving along a horizontal track that includes some friction.

(This activity is stored in our Work and Energy section.)