Concept Checker for Exploding Carts Simulation

Our Concept Checker for the Exploding Carts simulation consists of 24 questions organized into 6 Question Groups. Students must correctly answer one question from each Question Group to earn the Trophy for this Concept Checker.

Like all our Concept Checkers, it is designed to be used as a follow-up to the use of the Exploding Carts simulation. We recommend the use of our classroom-ready exercise with the simulation. The Concept Checker emphasizes the use of proportional reasoning to predict the post-explosion speed in an exploding carts situation.

The Concept Checker targets student understanding of the following learning outcomes:
  • The student should be able to analyze explosion data to recognize a pattern associated with object masses and post-explosion speed values.
  • The student should be able to predict the post-explosion speed of an object if given mass information and the speed of one of the objects.

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