Question Bank Contents

The Question Bank contains several Microsoft Word documents consisting of physics questions. The documents are intuitively named (e.g., KinematicsQs, NewtonsLawsQs, etc.) and organized in folders known as Collections. The questions in the Microsoft Word documents are of a variety of types. These types include forced choice questions (e.g., true-false, multiple choice, and multiple select) and short answer questions (e.g, numerical response, problem-solving, diagramming, sentence completion, and written response). Many questions include images. In addition to being present in the question, each image is saved in an image file with the .png format. Each collection is described in the tables below.


The Minds On Physics Internet Modules Collection

The Minds on Physics Internet Modules is an online, interactive questioning program that can be found at Users of MOP are aware that the questions tend to be difficult, thought-provoking questions that target misconceptions and conceptual difficulties with an emphasis on higher-order reasoning skills. The questions in the MOP program are delivered by a Shockwave file. Because of the Shockwave format, the questions cannot be copied from the program and pasted into other programs. The Physics Classroom has exported all the questions from MOP and formatted them in a Microsoft Word format. Being in a Microsoft Word format, they can easily be copied and pasted into a teacher's quiz, test, or other work.

Topic Total # of Questions # of Multiple Choice Questions # of Numerical Response Questions # of Image Files
Kinematic Concepts 200 172 28 46
Kinematic Graphing 338 296 142 122
Newton's Laws of Motion 441 389 52 78
Vectors and Projectiles 388 361 27 121
Forces in Two Dimensions 176 135 41 39
Momentum and Collisions 320 212 108 59
Work and Energy 319 287 32 39
Circular Motion and Gravitation 327 295 32 74
Static Electricity 415 403 12 71
Electric Circuits 376 221 155 67
Vibrations and Waves 259 158 101 72
Sound and Music 384 240 144 112
Light and Color 292 292 0 52
Reflection and Mirrors 300 267 33 140
Refraction and Lenses 360 338 22 186
Total 4895 4066 929 1278

The Review Session Collection

The Review Session is an online resource that serves as a student tool for preparing for unit tests and exams. The Review Session is available at The Physics Classroom website ( The resource contains questions with answers, solutions, and links to additional information specific to each question. Questions in this collection are of a varied type - true-false, multiple true-false, multiple choice, multiple select, sentence completion, numerical response, problem-solving, written response, and diagramming. All questions at The Review Session have been collected into a Microsoft Word format and attractively formatted. Their inclusion on the Question Bank allows teachers to use the questions in documents used with their classes. The image files have also been saved as .png files. Like all the collections, answers and explanations are not included with the Question Bank.

Topic Total # of Questions # of Image Files
Kinematic Concepts 50 19
Newton's Laws of Motion 60 4
Vectors and Projectiles 72 17
Forces in Two Dimensions 30 17
Momentum and Collisions 72 17
Work and Energy 45 16
Circular Motion and Gravitation 40 7
Static Electricity 43 21
Electric Circuits 72 16
Vibrations and Waves 38 13
Sound and Music 75 5
Light and Color 28 6
Reflection and Mirrors 42 6
Refraction and Lenses 46 11
Total 713 175

The Calculator Pad Collection (Legacy Version)

The Calculator Pad is an online resource that serves as a student tool to assist in improving problem-solving skills. The resource contains problems with answers and audio-guided solutions. The Calculator Pad is available at The Physics Classroom website ( This collection includes all numerical problems that were present in the Legacy Version; there are no multiple choice questions. All questions of the Legacy Version of  The Calculator Pad have been collected into a Microsoft Word format and attractively formatted. Their inclusion with the Question Bank allows teachers to use the questions in documents distributed to their classes. The image files have also been saved as .png files. With the problems present in this format, teachers can easily copy and past them into their quizzes, tests and other work. (NOTE:  The Calculator Pad was updated in 2022 to include problems with random numbers generated by our server. These server-generated problems are not included in the Question Bank download.)

Topic Total # of Problems # of Image Files
Kinematic Concepts 35 8
Newton's Laws of Motion 30 3
Vectors and Projectiles 34 2
Forces in Two Dimensions 27 7
Momentum and Collisions 32 0
Work and Energy 32 2
Circular Motion and Gravitation 27 1
Static Electricity 33 9
Electric Circuits 34 6
Vibrations and Waves 29 7
Sound and Music 32 2
Light and Color 25 2
Reflection and Mirrors 26 1
Refraction and Lenses 32 9
Total 428 62

The Conceptual Course Collection

This is perhaps The Physics Classroom author's favorite collection. It includes questions that target conceptual understandings in physics. Most questions include three or four choices. There are very few multiple-select style questions (i.e., select all that apply). While some questions require manipulation of numbers, most are purely conceptual. The questions are ideal for a first-year, conceptual course for non-accelerated students. All the questions in this question bank are multiple choice questions.

Topic Total # of Questions # of Image Files
One Dimensional Kinematics 127 53
Newton's Laws of Motion 197 31
Free Fall and Projectiles 126 18
Momentum and Collisions 210 82
Work and Energy 163 12
Static Electricity 118 47
Electric Circuits 104 36
Waves and Sound 124 64
Light and Color 183 82
Reflection and Refraction 101 14
Total 1453 437

More Favorites Collection

The More Favorites Collection includes a collection of The Physics Classroom author's questions that are used on quizzes, tests, homework assignments, and other documents. There are a variety of question types in this collection. The types include multiple choice questions, true-false questions, multiple select questions, numerical problems, fill-in-the-blank questions, sentence completion questions, diagramming questions, and written response questions. The majority of questions are true-false, multiple choice, and multiple select style questions.

Topic Total # of Questions # of Mulitple Choice Questions # of Short Answer Questions # of Image Files
One Dimensional Kinematics 120 66 54 40
Newton's Laws of Motion 175 107 68 42
Vectors and Projectiles 140 91 49 50
Forces in Two Dimensions 38 15 23 24
Momentum and Collisions 86 51 37 12
Work and Energy 174 115 59 24
Circular Motion and Gravitation 120 86 32 20
Static Electricity 121 106 15 20
Electric Circuits 260 199 61 56
Vibrations and Waves 100 88 12 22
Sound and Music 165 108 57 39
Light and Color 93 82 11 8
Reflection and Mirrors 143 127 16 32
Refraction and Lenses 120 98 22 37
Total 1855 1339 516 426