Other Tools to Accompany Lesson Plans and Pacing Guides

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Website Features

Our Lesson Plans and Pacing Guides section relies primarily on nine website sections. They are:


For Sale Items

Teachers who make extensive use of our website may find a few of our for-sale items to be worthwhile investments. These tools are useful supplements to our Lesson Plan and Pacing Guide section and allow teachers to do daily tasks considerably more efficiently:


  1. Task Tracker Subscription (annual purchase)
    A subscription allows teachers to set up classes, add students, customize online assignments, view student progress/scores, and export student scores. Since its beginnings in 2020, the number of Task Tracker compatible activities has more than quadrupled. And the quality of the teacher and students interface is constantly revisited and improved. Subscribing teachers can now adopt a Pre-Built Course to use with their classes, equipping them with more than 200 ready-to-use assignments that match those identified in the Lesson Plans. And best of all, the course is easily customizeable. Teachers will find that the cost is abnormally low compared to other online task-management systems. View our Seat and Cost Calculator for pricing details.
  2. The Solutions Guide
    We publish a free curriculum with >200 ready-to-use Think Sheets for developing physics concepts. The Solutions Guide is a download containing the source documents, PDFs of source documents, and answers/solutions in MS Word and PDF format. An expanded license agreement is included with the purchase. (Cost: $25 download)
  3. Teacher Presentation Pack
    This is a large collection of downloadable content packed with nearly 190 Microsoft PowerPoint slide decks, the corresponding Lesson Notes (as PDF and fully-modifiable MS Word format), about 170 animations (in .gif, .png, and .mp4 file formats), a countless number of ready-to-use images (including the original source documents that would allow for easy modification of those images), and a license that allows teachers to modify and use all the content with their classes on password-protected sites (such as course management systems).  (Cost: $40 download)
  4. Question Bank
    We distribute a Question Bank that includes more than 9300 questions neatly organized according to topic. The Question Bank is the perfect tool for busy teachers or new teachers. Even if you don't use the website with your classes, the Question Bank will assist you in quickly putting together quizzes, tests and other documents with high-quality questions that target student's conceptions of physics principles. And if you do use The Physics Classroom website, the Question Bank is the perfect complement to the materials found at the website. (Cost: $25 download)