The Physics Classroom's Teacher Presentation Pack

For more than two decades, The Physics Classroom has been supporting students, teachers and classrooms in the vital tasks of learning and teaching physics. Our Teacher Presentation Pack is a teacher resource designed to facilitate lesson planning, curriculum development, and presentations. The project was inspired and is supported by the Physics Video Tutorial section of our website. The download is packed with nearly 190 Microsoft PowerPoint slide decks, the corresponding Lesson Notes (as PDF and fully-modifiable MS Word format), about 170 animations (in .gif, .png, and .mp4 file formats), a countless number of ready-to-use images (including the original source documents that would allow for easy modification of those images), and a license that allows teachers to modify and use all the content with their classes on password-protected sites (such as course magnagement systems). The Teacher Presentation Pack can be purchased for $40. School Purchase Orders are accepted. See our Purchase page for information about Purchase Orders.

The slide decks are PowerPoint slide decks filled with graphics and short annotations. They are slightly revised (and improved) versions of the slide decks used in the video presentations at the Physics Video Tutorial section of our website. They can be used with Microsoft PowerPoint or uploaded to Google Drive and viewed with Google Slides. Because of some limitations associated with animations and .mp4 files in Google Slides, we have provided a separate version that is fully compatible with Google Slides wherever it was needed. The Lesson Notes are available as Microsoft Word documents. They can be edited and customized as desired and made available to your students. The images, animations, and movies are available in the slide deck and/or in Microsoft Word documents, and/or as separate files in .gif, .png, and .mp4 file formats. In many instances, the graphics can be edited anc customized. And in all cases, the content can be re-purposed for use in instructional handouts, curriculum pages, quizzes and tests, and other projects. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, a cross-over teacher, or an early-career teacher, there is enough content in this package to equip you with confidence, to save you loads of time, and to provide tools and resources for creating additional products that you need for your classrooms.

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