Reflection and Mirrors

Our Reflection and Mirrors unit represents an effort to undertand and apply fundamental principles of light reflection to the understanding of how images are formed by plane and curved mirrors and viewed by people.  The set of Video Tutorials below describe all sorts of applications of light reflection and image formation.

We have provided links to all finished videos. Video titles without links are videos that we plan to eventually create. The best way to get the newest content is to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Light and Sight

The Law of Reflection

Specular vs. Diffuse Reflection

An Experiment: Plane Mirror Image (YouTube only)

Image Formation by Plane Mirrors

Plane Mirror Image Characteristics

Ray Diagrams for Plane Mirrors

The 6-Foot Person Problem

Right Angle Mirrors

Other Multiple Mirror Systems

Introduction to Curved Mirrors

Concave Mirrors: Light Reflection and Image Formation

Concave Mirrors: Ray Diagrams

Characteristics of Concave Mirror Images

Convex Mirrors: Light Reflection and  Image Formation

Convex Mirrors: Ray Diagrams and Image Characteristics

The Mirror Equation and Magnification Ratio

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