Teacher Resources

The Physics Classroom has been devoted to helping students, teachers, and classrooms since the 1990s. We are as passionate about that mission now as we have ever been. If you are a teacher of Physics or Physical Science, we encourage you to use our Video Tutorial with your students. And we also encourage you to consider the use of other resources on our website that coordinate with the video. We have listed a few below to help you get started.


Curriculum Corner: 1D-Kinematics Section

Don't overlook our Curriculum Corner. It is the in-the-trenches curriculum on our website and coordinates well with the Tutorial and other sections. It includes a variety of classroom-ready Think Sheets that can be used with your classes. We have a page titled Motion Problems with nine problems to solve. Great in-class work.

Calculator Pad, Kinematics Section, Problems #18-35

When it comes to problem-solving, the Calculator Pad is our go-to-resource. For all topics addressed at The Physics Classroom, you will find a collection of problems that require the use of physics formulae to solve. Each problem is accompanied by an answer and an audio-guided help file that describes the solution. 

The Review Session, Kinematics Section, Questions #43-50

The Review Session is intended as a tool to help students prepare for quizzes and tests. This tool consists of many questions of varied type along with answers, explanations, and solutions to problems. Questions #43-50 require the use of the kinematic equations.

The Physics Classroom Tutorial, 1D-Kinematics Chapter, Lesson 6

Our Tutorial section serves as a textbook of sorts, with highly-readable pages that address the meaning of most topics covered in a first-year Physics course. Many teachers link to our Tutorial from their course page.