Registering as a Student for a Task Tracker Account

Students who are part of a course that are using Concept Builders must register for a Task Tracker account at The Physics Classroom website. Registration for Task Tracker is an easy process. Prior to registering, you should clarify two things with your teacher. You should know ...
  1. What is your Class Sign-Up Code?
    Entering a Class Sign Up Code when you register automatically places you in your teacher's class.
  2. Does your school allow students to enter email addresses and names (identifying information) on websites that are used for school purposes?
    Determine what type of privacy concerns that your school might have. If there are strict policies regarding the use of identifying information on websites, then what work-arounds will your teacher be using that would impact the creation of your Task Tracker account.
Once you know these two information items, you're ready to watch the short video below and register for a Task Tracker account.