Solve It! (with Newton's Second Law) - Directions

About Health:

Every time an answer (or set of answers) is/are checked, or when a problem is completely solved, or when a difficulty level is finished, a Health Bar and Health Percent is displayed on the screen. And the same Health Bar and Health Percent is displayed on the Main Menu screen for any Difficulty Level that is completed. Students and Teachers may be interested in how this information is computed. Here's the details:

The Concept Builder keeps track of the number of misses each time you do one of the Difficulty Levels. A miss is considered any value that is entered into a cell and evaluated as incorrect. If a cell value is incorrect on the first attempt and not changed, then it would be marked as a miss on the second attempt. If you do not wish to check that incorrect value again, then you would have to remove the value (tap on the cell to open the Number Pad and tap on the C​ or Clear button)  before the next time that your check your answers. The number of misses continues to be tracked until the Difficulty Level is completed. The formula for calculating the Health Percent is simple and straightforward. It is ...

Health Percent = 100 - Number of Misses

Your Health Percent is also displayed on the Main Menu for any completed Difficulty Levels. If you wish to repeat the Difficulty Level to improve your Health Percent, you can tap on the provided button to do so. Your best Health Percent is always displayed on the Main Menu. If you repeat a difficulty level and do worse the second time, it is the best Percent that will be displayed.



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