Created by our friends at Nerd Island Studios, the Accelerometer Interactive allows learners to collect data of velocity as a function of time for their mobile device. If the device has a built-in accelerometer, the Accelerometer Interactive will be able to plot an acceleration vs. time graph as the device moves. That's both nifty and risky. It's nifty because what student of physics doesn't want to know information about acceleration. And its risky because we know that learners are going to think of many different (and some not very wise) ways to get their devices accelerating.

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The Physics Classroom would like to thank Nerd Island Studios for creating this Interactive and offering it to be part of our collection of Physics Interactives. You can find more great stuff by Nerd Island Studios at their website (

(DISCLAIMER: Neither The Physics Classroom nor Nerd Island Studios will pay for phones and tablets that were broken while using this Interactive. Please apply some common sense and reasonable caution before applying duct tape or Velcro.)