Additional Learning Tools and Resources

Watching a presentation is a passive activity. Getting information is important ... but its not the destination or end point. Now that you've watched the video, its time to do something with the information you've heard. It's time to act on it. The resources below provide an opportunity to do this. We encourage learners to solidify their learning through the use of one or more of the following resources.

Concept Builders, Work and Energy section: Up and Down with Energy

Our Concept Builders provide great practice. Most are very incremental, beginning with the basic concept and building upward from there. This is a great example of that approach. Use mechanical energy conservation to analyze a projectile's motion.

Minds On Physics, Work and Energy Module. Missions WE7 and WE8

Minds On Physics is a unqiue set of questioning modules that present questions and provide immediate feedback to student response. When difficulty is detected, it continuously presents similar questions to target your difficulties. Each question is accompanied by a rather extensive discussion of how to approach the question. You want to learn? Devote some time to "MOPs".

Concept Builders, Work and Energy section: Energy Analysis 1

Analyze the energy of a water park rider or some other object undergoing an up and down motion. Use your calculator and mechanical energy conservation to complete the analysis.

Calculator Pad, Work and Energy Problem Set, Problems #15-18, #21

Our Calculator Pad section consists of a collection of problems on varied topics, Each problem comes with an answer and an audio file that extensively addresses the solution. What more do you need? If your course emphasizes problem-solving, then we would emphasize that you make the Calculator Pad your friend.

Physics Interactives, Work and Energy section, Roller Coaster Simulation

The best way to learn is by playing. And our simulations allow you to do just that. Change a variable and see what effects the change can have. Repeat. Explore. Learn. Try this one on roller coasters and energy.

The Physics Classroom Tutorial, Work, Energy, and Power Chapter, Analyzing Situations in Which Mechanical Energy is Conserved

Sometimes you need to quickly brush up on a topic. Our Tutorial section helps you do just that. This page is the written version of our Tutorial. Give it try.