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Objective: To identify whether positive, negative, or zero work is being done, to identify the force that is doing the work, and to describe the energy transformation associated with such work. If you miss a question, then you will eventually be given a very similar question. You can use the Help button at any time. 
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+, -, or 0 5 Questions For a given situation, identify the work as being positive, negative, or zero.
Pick from among the three activities - Positive, Negative, or  Zero Work; Gain or Loss?; and Energy Transformation.
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Gain or Loss? 4 Questions Identify the force that does work and associate it with a gain or loss in mechanical energy.
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E Transformation 5 Questions Identify the energy transformation associated with a situation involving work.
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Positive, Negative, or Zero Work
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Zero Work
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Positive Work
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Consider this situation: EndFragment
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Negative Work
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Gain or Loss
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This situation can best be described as a transformation of ____.EndFragment    
Energy Transformations
Work done on an object or system of objects causes a transformation of energy. Consider the following situation: