Circular and Satellite Motion - Mission CG1 Detailed Help

Four objects are attached to a 1-meter long string at various locations. The string is held at one end and twirled in a circle. The object which moves with the greatest speed is object ___.

Definition of Speed:
The speed of a moving object refers to how fast the object is moving. It is the distance traveled per unit of time.

Here you are asked to compare the speed of four objects moving in a circle. The four objects are attached to a string which is being whirled in a circle. The period is the time for one revolution around the circle. All the objects make a single path around the circle in the same amount of time (since they are attached to the same string and moving together). Each object has the same period. Speed is the distance traveled per unit of time. Since the period is the same for each object, the object which travels the greatest distance during this period will have the greatest speed. The object which is closest to the center of the string is moving in a small, tight circle. The object furthest from the center is moving in a big circle and moves the greater distance in the same period.


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