Electric Circuits - Mission EC5 Detailed Help

A simple circuit consists of a 12-volt battery, an ammeter and a resistor. The ammeter reads 3 amps. Determine the resistance of the resistor and enter in the appropriate space. (Enter your answers to the second decimal place.)
(Note: Numerical values are randomly selected and may differ from those shown above.)


The current (I) in a circuit is dependent upon the electric potential difference (i.e., voltage orV) impressed across the circuit and the overall resistance (R) of the circuit. The equation which expresses this relationship is:

I = ∆V / R

Minds on Physics calculates answers to the fourth decimal place. Your answers do not need to be that accurate. To be safe, enter your answers to the second decimal place (as requested in the question). Avoid the rounding of numerical values which are used in subsequent calculations.


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