Kinematic Graphing - Mission KG3 Detailed Help

The motions of five objects - A, B, C, D, and E - are represented by lines on a position-time graph. Write the letter(s) for any object that is speeding up (getting faster). List all that apply ... .

Position-Time Graphs:
Position versus time graphs represent changes that occur in an object's position with respect to time. The slope of the line is the velocity (change in position divided by the change in time) of the object.

The slope of the line represents the velocity of the object (see Physics Rules section). The velocity is the speed with a direction. So the magnitude of the slope is the speed of the object. An object that is speeding up is an object with an increasing speed. Thus, this question is asking you to identify the lines on the graph that have an increasing slope. So inspect each line, looking for ones that change their slope from a small slope (flat) to a larger slope (steep).


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