Reflection and Mirrors - Mission RM9 Detailed Help

When an object is placed in front of a convex mirror, then the image will be ____. Include all that apply.

The LOST Art of Image Formation:
A convex mirror produces images that always have the same characteristics regardless of where the image is located. The four characteristics that are important in the description of a convex mirror image are easily remembered by the mnemonic LOSTLocation, Orientation, Size and Type.

The collection of questions within this mission are straightforward. You likely have received a handout or a collection of class notes on the topic. Or perhaps you have constructed ray diagrams in class for the various regions and locations and were able to draw conclusions regarding the image characteristics. You probably have made direct observations of actual images in lab investigations. A web page from The Physics Classroom Tutorial (see Hot Link section) exists that thoroughly addresses the topic. If you're having difficulty with this question, then be resourceful. Open your class notes, review lab observations, or look at the front and back of a spoon. Use the LOST model described in the Know the Law section. You will benefit greatly from the effort made to do so; and you will likely never miss a question on this mission and never have to refer to this help page again.


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