Reflection and Mirrors - Mission RM2 Detailed Help

The diagram depicts the path of four incident rays emerging from an object and approaching a mirror. Five lettered locations are shown on the opposite side of the mirror. Which location is representative of the image location?

Definition of Image:
An image is a likeness of an object that is at a location in space where it would seem to all observers as though the reflected light is coming from.

There are two different methods for determining the image location. The first method involves reflecting two or more of these incident rays and extending the reflected rays behind the mirror until they intersect. The intersection location of reflected rays occurs at the image location. See Define Help section.

The second method (a far easier method) focuses upon the incident rays. Each ray of light shown on the diagram originates at the object location. The object location can be quickly determined by finding the intersection of any two incident rays. The image location is as far behind the mirror surface as the object location is in front of it. See Know the Law section below.

Object Distance and Image Distance:
If an imaginary line is drawn connecting the object location and the image location, it will intersect the mirror at right angles. The distance measured along the line from the object to the mirror is referred to as the object distance. The distance measured along the line from the image to the mirror is referred to as the image distance. The object distance is always equal to the image distance.


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