Reflection and Mirrors - Mission RM2 Detailed Help

The diagram depicts the path of four reflected rays that originated at the object on the left side of the mirror and have subsequently reflected from the mirror. Five lettered locations are shown on the right side of the mirror. Which location is representative of the image location?


The diagram shows a mirror (the vertical line with the yellow backing), four reflected rays, and five possible image locations (labeled with a letter). The object is not shown, it is somewhere on the left side of the mirror. The reflected rays and the definition of an image (see Define Help section) must be used to determine the exact image location.

Definition of Image:
An image is a likeness of an object that is at a location in space where it would seem to all observers as though the reflected light is coming from.

Light reflects off a plane mirror in such a manner that all the reflected rays when extended backwards behind the mirror would intersect at the same location. This intersection location is the image location (see Define Help section). Two straightedges laid over the screen and aligned with two different reflected rays would allow you to determine this intersection location.


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