Refraction and Lenses - Mission RL1 Detailed Help

The diagrams below depict rays of light approaching a boundary with a second material. Which of these rays of light would experience the least refraction (or even no refraction)?

Definition of Refraction:
Refraction is the bending of the path of light that occurs when light passes across the boundary from one medium to a new medium. The path of light changes or bends at the boundary.

Refraction occurs when light passes from one medium to another medium. The amount of refraction that occurs depends on numerous factors. One such factor is the angle of incidence. As the angle of incidence increases, the amount that light bends increases as well. Little refraction takes place at small angles of incidence. And no refraction occurs when the angle of incidence is 0 degrees.

Definition of Angle of Incidence:
The angle of incidence is the angle made by the ray of light approaching a surface (incident ray) and the normal line drawn to the surface at the location where the ray contacts the surface.


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