Wave Motion - Mission WM2 Detailed Help

A 'snapshot in time' of a wave is shown at the right. Which one of the diagrams below represents a wave with twice the amplitude and one-half the wavelength?

The diagram shows the resting position (the horizontal line) and the presence of a wave on the medium. Since the diagram represents how the wave stretches across space at a single instant in time, the spatial properties of wavelength and amplitude are depicted in the diagram. You should be able to use your understanding of wavelength and amplitude (see Define Help section) to select the diagram which depicts a wave with the specified wavelength and amplitude.

Definition of Wavelength and Amplitude:

The wavelength of a wave is the length of the wave. It is often measured as the distance between two consecutive crests.

The amplitude of a wave is the maximum amount of displacement a point on a medium is makes relative to its resting position. It is often measured as the distance between the resting position and a crest position.


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