Work and Energy - Mission WE2 Detailed Help

Student A and student B are doing two identical tasks involving physical work. Student A does the task in more time than student B. In this physical situation, ____.

Definition of Work:
When a force acts upon an object to cause (or to hinder) a displacementwork is done upon the object. Mathematically, work is the dot product of the force and displacement for such a situation.

Definition of Power:
 is the rate at which work is done upon an object.

Work is the task-related quantity that depends on the amount of force exerted and the amount of displacement it causes. If students A and B are doing identical tasks, then they are doing the same work. But power is the task- and time-related quantity that has to do with the rate at which the work is done. The student who does the task in the least amount of time is working faster - that is, doing the work at a greater rate. Thus, the student who completes the same task in the least amount of time has the greater power rating.


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