Information About Audio Help

The Minds On Physics Internet Modules was upgraded to includes an extensive help system. When a student is working on a question within an assignment and clicks on the textbook icon (the Hints and Help button), a separate window opens with question-specific help. The help will include definitions, formulas, short descriptions of the relevant physics principle, short paragraphs discussing common mistakes and misconceptions, and audio help.

The audio help will include a computer sound file with a pre-recorded message. The audio help file discusses the question and the common mistakes and misconceptions that would hinder student progress both on the specific question and on other questions within the assignment. Not all questions include an audio help file; only the most difficult questions of the assignment contain an audio help file. Once a Help page is opened for a specific question by clicking on the textbook icon, a question with Audio Help can be identified by the presence of a Tune In and Listen,. icon. If such an icon appears, then clicking on the Play Audio File link will open the audio file in a separate window.

If both your computer and internet browser are configured to play audio files, then the file will begin to play automatically once the Play Audio File is clicked and the new window is opened. The audio help file can be played through, paused and continued, rewound and replayed by using the onscreen controls within the browser window. If the audio help file fails to play, there are some simple troubleshooting techniques which a computer user with average to below-average technical savviness can perform to successfully play them. Technical information and troubleshooting ideas are available on a separate page.

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