The Physics Classroom Photostream

As a Flickr member, The Physics Classroom has its own photostream. A photostream on Flickr is simply a collection of photos that have been uploaded to a Flickr account. Each photo makes an effort to illustrate some principle of physics - either from within the classroom or outside the classroom. The photos are accompanied by a discussion of the physics present in the photo. While the photography is improving over time, it is still far from being anything to boast about. Nonetheless, the photostream provides an example of the many types of phenomena that can be captured with a camera. Unless otherwise noted (on a per photo basis), any visitor of The Physics Classroom is welcome to use the photos from our photostream in PowerPoints or handouts. Permission to use the photos of other Flickr members must come directly from those individual members. See Copyright Considerations.

Those visitors who are more gifted with a camera are encouraged to begin this same project of capturing physics within their classroom (and outside of it) and sharing their photos with the rest of us. Flickr is an excellent resource for posting and sharing photos. It is free up to the first 200 photos. Photos can be added to your own photostream and then contributed to The Physcis Classroom Flickr Group. Visitors who are interested in contributing in this manner might wish to read our Join the Group page. Directions for getting started with Flickr and for contributing to our Group are provided there.

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