Teacher Resources

The Physics Classroom has been devoted to helping students, teachers, and classrooms since the 1990s. We are as passionate about that mission now as we have ever been. If you are a teacher of Physics or Physical Science, we encourage you to use our Video Tutorial with your students. And we also encourage you to consider the use of other resources on our website that coordinate with the video. We have listed a few below to help you get started.

Curriculum Corner; Describing Motion Verbally with Distance and Displacement
Our Curriculum Corner section is full of Think Sheets that focus student attention on single concepts and use a developmental approach to help build meaning regarding that concept. Whether using them as group work, homework, or Individual seat work, you will find a Think Sheet that targets the concept you're interested in ... like this on on distance and displacement.


Teacher Toolkit: Position-Velocity-Acceleration

We put one of the best Physics Librarian on the task of finding the best standards-based, multimedia driven resources on the web and the result was a collection of Teacher Toolkits that makes great stuff easy to find. Try one out today and start with this one on concepts associated with position, velocity, and acceleration.

Physics Interactives - Vector Walk

For a quick simulated experience, try our Vector Walk simulation. A situation is randomly selected and students must analyze the back-and-forth motion of a skier, a car, or a shopper in order to find the distance and displacement. Good stuff! And there's many more like this one in our Physics Interactives section.

Distance vs. Displacement Concept Builder

Students love Concept Builders and this one on Distance vs. Displacement will give students plenty of practice with those troubling Back-and-Forth problems. There are three levels of difficulty, randomly selected questions from a large bank of questions, built-in help, and opportuniies for remediation.


Minds on Physics App#1: Mission KC1 of Kinematic Concepts Module

For serious students of Physics, our Minds On Phyiscs apps will not disappoint. The program delivers carefully crafted questions that target single concepts in Physics and continues to deliver the questions until students demonstrate mastery.


Tutorial on Distance vs. Displacement

If your students need a quick reference, the Tutorial section of our website can deliver. Visit the 1D Kinematics Chapter and see the page on Distance vs. Displacement in Lesson 1.